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"The Best Referral Strategies I've Ever Heard In 25 Years"


Great material! Iíve been in sales 25 years including: insurance, car sales, home repairs, and spas. Absolutely the best referral strategies Iíve ever heard. I canít wait to get more information. Thanks.

Larry Daniels
Billings, MT




"New Referral Ideas!"


"I have been buying marketing programs  for the past 10 years Ė this is one of the BEST Iíve purchased. You really have some NEW referral ideas, and NEW is the key word. Thank you."


Dick Sowell
Olympia, WA

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 Introducing an Amazing Collection of Innovative Referral Programs that Automatically Produce an Endless Stream of Hot Qualified Prospects...     

"STOP Begging for Referrals and START Generating a Constant Stream of New Customers Using Proven Referral Systems that You Can Put on Autopilot"


"Discover Unusual Referral Strategies to Quickly Create a Predictable Stream of New Customers for Your Small Business, Without Any Face-to-Face Asking"

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          Unedited Customer Reviews 


(This Many People Can't Be Wrong)




"The Common Problem Facing Every Business"



From the Desk of David Frey

4815 FM 2351 Suite 201
Friendswood, TX 77546

(281) 993-5657

Dear Business Associate:


I don't have to tell you how important referrals are to your business.  If you're a business owner or an independent professional, you know that referrals are the lifeblood of your business.  


If that's the case, why aren't you getting more referrals?


Why don't ALL your new customers come from referrals?  You probably provide an excellent product and deliver the highest quality of service.  No doubt you have a great reputation and your customers love you.  If that's really the case (and I believe it is), why aren't you getting more referrals?

"Triple My Business!"


"Wow! I knew we were missing some business by not having an effective referral program, but I had no idea how much. I know that I can double or even triple my business. This program was OFF THE HOOK and I canít wait to  to get these referral strategies in place and make us more $$ money."


Jon Wentzell
Stockton, GA




"An Eye Opener!"


"Wow! What an eye opener! Great ideas! I cannot wait to implement them. Itís amazing that there were so many things that I hadnít thought of. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips!"


Don Lewis
Kitchener, Ontario






"The information in this referral program is invaluable to ANY business in ANY industry. You cannot afford to operate without the knowledge and resources that David provides."


Rob Greene






"Amazing! I learned more about referrals in 45 minutes then I had my whole life! I canít wait to implement these techniques to my staff and stores."


Kenn Gale
Temecula, CA




"Double My Current Business"


"David Frey offers many valuable and innovative marketing strategies to help gain new referrals.

This program is one of the best that I have ever invested in. The techniques that he taught are very valuable and I believe can double my current business. I recommend his program to any business owner who wants to succeed."


Brad Mead
Provo, UT




"Going to Increase My Sales 100%..."


"Your referral program gave me so many new ideas, I am confident I am going to increase my sales 100%, while reducing my advertising expense dramatically. SO many great ideas that make good sense and utilize my greatest resources - my customers and partners! I canít wait to get back to the office and supercharge my referral programs!"


Olaf Krop
San Francisco, CA




"New and Refreshing"


"The referral strategies offered were new and refreshing. I enjoyed the program and canít wait to try some of the ideas I learned."

John Klapka
Appleton, WI






"Your program on referral systems is outstanding. I now have a multitude of options to generate significant leads to substantially increase the profitability of our pool and spa business."

Tom Parfetti
Vail, CO




"I Love It!"


"I love the Instant Referral Systems program. I will use the "Make a Buck" soon. We had given out $100 checks to our customers, we are now going to need 50, $2 bills. Great program!"

Bruce Rothschild
W. Melbourne, FL




"There is No Ceiling to Our Growth!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed David Freyís program.  I finished the program feeling that if I was to implement his teachings that there is no ceiling to our growth. I would recommend his program to anyone looking to increase their sales."

Mark Beard
Grand Junction, CO




"The Way to Go!"


This program was an eye-opener. My business, I believe, did a rather good job at capturing referral from customers, but that is the very least thing we can do. Joining forces with other businesses seems like the way to go. It is a great concept that I will implement soon.

Robert Byars
Sutherlin, OR




"Excellent Program!"


This is an excellent program. Mr. Frey gave many referral ideas that I never would have thought of. He taught me to think "outside of the box." His ideas were general enough to work for everyone, but specific enough to apply it directly to my business. Thanks for the strategies!

Lori Cossey
Hanford, CA




"So Simple!"


Itís a new way to think about things. I was focusing on the wrong thing all this time. Iím anxious and excited to get back to the office and put these ideas into practice. Your referral systems are so simple!

Janine Chaffee
Rocklin, CA




"Huge Opportunity!"


David Frey is inspiring. I anticipate huge growth in my referrals. David informs you on techniques you would have never thought. Huge growth opportunity. Thank you David.

Brad Mueller
Burlington, WA




"That's 1500 Referrals a Year!"


I really enjoyed the program and canít wait to put some of these referral systems into place. Iím especially excited to try the "pre-nuptial agreement" referral system. Our free backyard orientation will now cast three referrals. We do over 500 orientations a year - thatís 1500 referrals!

Terri Pauff
Riverside, CA




"Very Informative!"


I wanted to let you know how great your program was. The rest of our sales team also found your program very informative. Most impressive to me was finding out how important it is to use a complimentary business for referrals. I donít know of any business that could not gain from your program. Thanks again!

Jesse Broom
Tigard, OR




"Business Has Definitely Increased!"


Thank you Dave, our business has definitely increased using your referral methods.

Thomas Bessette
Phoenix, AZ




"New Means to Reach Customers..."


Iím opening a new business. Listening to your program has made me aware of a new means to reach customers that I wasnít aware of. Thank you for the information and I look forward to learning more.

Larry Granger
West Chester, PA




"Fresh Perspective!"


David Frey presents a fast paced fresh perspective on generating customer referrals using proven techniques and strategies. It stimulates your creative thinking on how to integrate these powerful tools and strategies into your specific business and market.

Landis Vander Karr
Vista, CA




"Increase Sales Measurably"


David Freyís referral strategies are common sense, under utilized ideas that my company will implement immediately that will undoubtedly increase sales measurably.

Richard Weintraub
Columbia, MD




"Simple and Direct"


Thank you for your practical referral systems and insights. Your approaches to a referral system are simple, direct, and appropriate.

Marge Chapelle
Hinsdale, IL




"Your Program is Great!"


Your program is great. The information that we learned will really help our business. We are excited to implement these referral ideas and increase sales.

Dave Roberts
Omaha, NE






I thought your program on referral strategies was excellent. We have been trying to break into the home builder market and your seminar has made us double of efforts. Even though I have been in the business for over 20 years I still learn new tactics. We also thought your Pre-Nuptial" referral strategy was terrific.

Michael Dare






In my humble opinion, there are two reasons why you're not getting more referrals -- the first one is...


1. You Get Absolutely Sick At the Thought of Asking for a Referral




2.  Your Customers Are Too Busy (or Lazy) to Give You Referrals


If you fall into the first category, you're not alone.  You and most other business people and independent professionals get ill at the thought of asking for referrals.  If you're like me you simply HATE asking for referrals.


Do you...

  • Hate imposing on your good customers who have become your personal friends?

  • Feel like a multi-level marketer begging friends and family members for the names and contact information of their close friends?

  • Get tired of trying to memorize silly referral scripts to manipulate your friends?

  • Dislike the embarrassment and shame you feel when being rejected?

  • Get sweaty palms and a sick feeling just getting up the nerve to ask?


  • Are you tired of getting promises for referrals that never materialize?

  • Are you frustrated by giving lots of referrals but getting none in return?

  • Have a difficult time getting your customers or clients motivated to talk about you?

  • Are you irritated because you have no control over the referral process?

If this describes you in the least bit, then the Instant Referral Systems program was developed specifically for you.  You see, the beauty of this program is that you can...


"...Get a Never Ending Stream of New Customers or Clients Using Proven Referral Systems that Keep on Working Like a Machine -- Even While You're on Vacation -- Without Having to Ask for Them."


Instead of relying on customers, clients, friends, or "centers of influence" to have to remember to talk about your business to their network of friends, the Instant Referral Systems program will show you how you get referrals without having to ask for them.


In fact, the Instant Referral Systems program will allow you to...

  • Never have to ask another person face-to-face for a referral ever again.

  • Get all the referrals you can handle with the pride and dignity that you deserve.

  • Put robotic referral systems in place that keep working day in and day out.

  • Get highly qualified referrals that are  eager to do business with you.

  • Incentivize customers so that they're highly motivated to talk about your business.

  • Get customers and clients to tap deep into their network to give you referrals.

  • Give you complete control over the amount of referrals you get.

Isn't that what a high-performing referral program is supposed to do?  Click here to see a list of business owners and professionals who have already benefited from the Instant Referral Systems program.


Remember, not all referral programs are the same.  From my long-time business consulting experience I've seen many referral programs and have concluded that...


"...There are Three Types of Referral Programs, (1) Ones  that Don't Work, (2) Ones that Bring Mediocre Results, and (3) Those that Have the Ability to Transform Your Business.  Here's How to Tell the Difference..."


The best referral programs that have the power to transform your business all have these five characteristics:


1. They are systematic.  This means that the referral program can be replicated over and over again with the same or better results.  The best referral systems keep on generating referrals automatically.


2. They work on a one-to-many basis.  High performance referral systems get multiple people to refer your business simultaneously (Note: This is one of the problems with asking for referrals -- it's a one-to-one type of referral program, not a one-to-many).


3. They have the ability to tap into people's networks.  Transformational referral systems tap deep into people's network of friends, family, and associates.  They don't just stop at the occasional, one-off referral.


4. They use incentives to motivate people to refer.  Let's face it -- most people are either lazy or too busy to care about your business so the best referral systems use an incentive system to keep the referrals flowing.


5. They refer people to high quality products and services. - No referral system will run for a very long time without having a high quality product or service to back it up (This is your responsibility).


With most of the referral programs in the Instant Referral Systems package you'll be able to...


"Turn Up or Down Your Referral Streams at Will Like a Fine-Tuned Furnace.  If You Want More Referrals -- You Just Turn Up the Heat!"


The reason you can do this is because the Instant Referrals program is a collection of SYSTEMS that are proven to work.  A system, is a process, which produces results that are, (1) predictable, (2) consistent, and (3) replicable meaning that they work the same way, over and over and produce the same results every time.


I get excited about referral s-y-s-t-e-m-s because they...


S - Save

Y - Your

S - Self

T - Time

E - Energy and

M - Money


And that's exactly what the Instant Referral Systems program will do.  It will save you time, energy, and a lot of money.  Nearly every referral idea in this package consists of a systematic process that works every time, over and over again.


If you want to get more referrals simply turn up the program.  For instance, a few of the referral programs in the Instant Referral Systems library use innovative direct mail programs.  If you want to increase the amount of referrals you're currently getting all you have to do is send out more letters   It's that simple.  (Note: All the letter templates you'll need are in the referral toolkit).


"The Instant Referral Systems Program Gives You a Systematic Way to Tap Deep Into the Vast Network of Friends, Family, and Associates of Other People"


It is said that everyone knows at least 250 other people.  Imagine if you were able to get just 20 people to  refer just 10% of all their network of friends, family, and associates to your business next month.  That would result in over 500 referrals to your business in just one month!   


Those are conservative figures.  Many of the referral systems in the Instant Referral Systems program will motivate people to tell their entire 250+ network of friends, family members, and associates.



"Imagine What It Would Mean to Your Business If You Never Had to Ever Ask for Another Referral Again But Still Received Hundreds of High-Quality Referrals"


Nearly all the referral ideas revealed in the Instant Referral Systems program require NO asking for referrals.  What they do is get OTHER PEOPLE to ask for you.  That's called "leverage."  Leverage is when you put forth a small effort into something that provides exponential returns


That's what the Instant Referral Systems program is about.  Leveraging your time and relationships to reach a multitude of people that you never would have been able to reach without spending an immense amount of hard earned money on mass advertising.




"Instant Referral Systems Contains the World's Largest Collection of Unique and Unusual Referral Systems and Tools Ever Assembled...


"...with over 105 Referral Strategies that are Explained in Detail on 8 Volumes of VIDEO CDROM So You Can SEE and HEAR How they Work Live ."




  Would You Like to See a Demo of the Instant Referral Systems Program?

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"Here's What You'll Discover in the Instant Referral System Program..."


On the Instant Referral System videos you'll see actual photos of referral systems in action.  You'll also discover working referral letters, postcards, business cards, signs, tickets, advertisements and many other referral tools that are integrated into a MS PowerPoint video presentation.  It's as if you were sitting on the front row of my exclusive live personal Instant Referral Systems workshops.


"Which One of These Referral Systems Will You Use to Get Your Next 100 Customers?"


(Click on the Links Below to Learn More About Each System)



Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 1



Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 2




Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 3




Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 4





Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 5





Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 6





Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 7





Instant Referral System Video CD - Volume 8




"Here's Three Reasons Why You Will Not Find a Referral Marketing Program Like This Anywhere for Any Price"


Here's three reasons why the Instant Referral Systems program is different than any other referral marketing program that you've ever read, seen, or heard.


Reason # 1 - Most referral marketing programs teach you how to ask for a referral.  They teach you what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.  The Instant Referral Systems program is based on systems, which generate referrals without asking anyone.



Reason # 2 - Instead of just telling you about how a referral system works -- the Instant Referral Systems program shows you actual examples of specific tools such as referral cards, letters, postcards, advertisements etc. and real, live case studies of how they work. 



Reason # 3 - You won't find a more comprehensive collection of different, unique, and unusual referral systems anywhere, for any price.  It has taken me years to assemble and compile all the referral systems you'll see in this program.  There isn't any program like it.




"Here's Exactly What You Are Going to Receive In the Mail When You Order the Instant Referral Systems Program"


The Instant Referral Systems includes 8 video CD's.  Each CD contains detailed explanations of several unique referral systems in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation format. 


When you put the CD's into your computer the PowerPoint video presentation automatically starts playing.  All you need to do is sit back, listen and watch as you learn how each referral system works. 


You'll see examples of how the referral systems work in real business situations.  You'll also see the specific tools that are used to make the referral systems run on autopilot.


By "specific" I mean that I show you actual postcards, letters, tickets, referral cards, flyers, sign up sheets, templates, forms, and other powerful referral tools.



Bonus 1 - Instant Referral Systems - Expert Roundtable


Instant Referral System Expert Roundtable Audio Program


How would you like to be a fly on the wall and listen to three of the top small business marketing experts in the nation swap referral strategies back and forth?  That's precisely what you'll get to do when you listen to the Instant Referral System Expert Roundtable audio CD program.


You'll be able to listen to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, Denise O'Berry of The Small Business Edge Corp. and yours truly, David Frey of Marketing Best Practices Inc., as we share unique referral systems that we normally only divulge to our paying clients.



Bonus 2 - Advanced Referral Strategies


Advanced Referral Strategies Audio Program


In the Advanced Referral Strategies Audio Program I've taken some of the best and most powerful referral strategies from the Instant Referral Systems program and go into detail about how to implement them in a step-by-step format. 


You'll be able to listen to this fast-paced, exciting program while you're in your car driving to work, or taking a stroll around the block.



Bonus 3 - Advanced Online Referral Strategies


Advanced Online Referral Strategies Audio Program


What would it mean to your business if you were able to generate thousands and thousands of referrals using the Internet.  Over the past three years I've personally received over 80,000+ referrals through the Internet (that is not a misprint!).


The Internet is the ULTIMATE vehicle for generating referrals and in this program I reveal several referral strategies that I've successfully used to generate massive referrals on a daily basis.


NOTE: The Advanced Online Referral Strategies audio program -- by itself -- is worth the entire price of of the Instant Referral Systems program... and more.  Using the strategies I disclose on this audio program, I generate an average of $900 a day in sales completely on autopilot!   Don't believe me?  Click here. 



Bonus 4 - The Instant Referral Systems Toolkit


Instant Referral Systems Toolkit


Imagine having a set of tools and templates that you could steal, copy, and duplicate to use in your own referral marketing efforts.  The Instant Referral Systems toolkit contains unique samples of many of the referral tools used in the various systems presented in the program.


Click here to see a list of tools you'll be able to immediately use once you receive the Instant Referral Systems toolkit. 



"What Would One Additional Customer Be Worth To Your Business?  If You Only Captured One New Customer with This Program It Will Have Immediately Paid for Itself!"


Suppose you implemented just one of the 106 referral systems in this program and you were able to attract only one new customer...  How much would that one new customer be worth to your business?


What if that one new customer was able to bring you three referrals?  Then how much would that one new customer be worth to you over the life of your business relationship? $200?  $300?  $1,000?


That's why I've priced this program at only $197.


If you only get one new customer using just one simple referral system... this program will have completely paid for itself.  In other words... it will be free!


LISTEN TO ME...  If you don't get at least 10 - 20 new customers using the Instant Referral Systems program within the first month of implementing just one of the 106 referral strategies, I want you to box this program back up and send it back to me right away!  I don't deserve your money.


The reality is that if you apply any of these referral systems, you're going to get more referrals than you ever thought possible.  You'll look back and laugh at why you ever thought twice about purchasing the Instant Referral Systems program.


In fact, after watching the Instant Referral Systems video CD's you'll be so excited about this program that you'll call up all your business friends and tell them to buy the program for themselves.


You simply will not find another program like this.  Anywhere.  At any price!


"If You're Still Undecided, Let Me Make Your Decision Easier by Extending to You My "No-Way-You-Can-Lose," 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee"



With a Guarantee Like that You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose.  So What Are You Waiting For?

To order the Instant Referral Systems program simply click one of the links below.  If you're having problems ordering don't hesitate to call us at 281-993-5657.



$197 Plus Shipping and Handling (S/H):


Click here for United States add $12.95 for S/H


Click here for Canada and Mexico add $18.95 for S/H  (Credit Card Orders Only)


Click here for International add $24.50 for S/H  (Credit Card Orders Only)


All U.S. orders are sent via Priority Mail and should arrive within 3 - 5 business days.  For Canadian and Mexican orders include 6 - 8 business days.  For International orders expect 10 - 15 business days.



After ten years of consulting and coaching hundreds of businesses I can confidently say with 100% assurance that the Instant Referral Systems program is the most powerful marketing tool you will ever invest in... bar none.




David Frey


President, Marketing Best Practices Inc.

306 W. Edgewood #F
Friendswood, TX 77546

(281) 846-5532


P.S.  If you have any questions about the Instant Referral System program please visit the FAQ page.  I've provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that people have asked. 



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